4 Main Benefits of HotDesking and its Purpose within Workspace.

Corporations are continuing to flourish, however space is plummeting and running out. In addition, there are corporations which are in a ‘steady state’ and are not growing nor shrinking, yet there is still a huge amount of space left unutilized. This can be due to business trips, holidays, Employees ‘on leave’ (maternity, sick, etc..), remote working and more.

Since space is running out or left unutilized for whatever reason hotdesking can be a realistic solution. Hotdesking is not always easy to implement and can be a huge cultural change for an organization. Thus, when implementing hotdesking, it needs to be managed in accordance and technology can contribute to successful implementation of hotdesking.

4 Main Benefits ‘HotDesking’ has to offer,

  1. Affordable / Cost Effective

When implementing hotdesking into a workspace, this can improve space utilization and reduce workspace management costs by 30%. With this said, better utilization of space will indeed cut costs since each workstation that is left unutilized is an expense to one’s corporation and better utilizing each workstation will reduce the overall costs of the corporation.

  • Remote Workers

Remote workers are workers which in addition to working in the office also work at home.  Hotdesking hands remote workers the opportunity to have a desk when they are in the office, which contributes to better organization within the office and a sense of belonging to the workers who come to the office when needed since they are provided with a desk. It has been shown that 29% of workers who are given the freedom of remote working are happier with their job.

  • Autonomy

Autonomy gives employees a sense of independence and flexibility. In relation to hotdesking, employees are able to change up their daily work routine, by offering them mobility and constant change in their seating arrangements.  Statistics show that around 79% of autonomous employees show better performance.

  • Removes Hierarchy within the Workplace

Today within organizations there is a hierarchy, this can reduce interactions between junior and senior employees. Thus, by implementing hot desking, the traditional ways of organizations are minimized, and agility is introduced into the workspace. This encourages employees to socially interact, connect and come together, improving work performance and productivity.

The Importance of HotDesking, and its Purpose

There is a great amount of research which has been done to show that the implementation of hotdesking has many benefits to offer within one’s organization. However, statistics also show that when doing so, hotdesking needs to be introduced and managed correctly. Creating an environment where space is being utilized to its full potential, will contribute to unnecessary risk of “running out” of office space. The outcome of this is happier, more productive employees, reduce overall costs by better utilizing space and effectively planning for the future.

POC’s seating allocation solution has incorporated into their platform a ‘Hotdesk Mapping’ tool as well as an ‘Employee Agility’ tool for better workspace management.  You are given the ability to Categorize a workstation as a HotDesk and areable to filter by Occupied, Permanent and Vacant desks, view reports and even a dashboard tool which gives you a birds-eye view of your workstation data.

POC’s solution also offers their clients the ability to label employees in accordance to their agility level, for example ‘Homer’ [Employee which has been allocated their own office], ‘Roamer’ [Employee which does not have an allocated workstation], ‘Zoner’ [Employee that doesn’t  have a specific workstation however can sit anywhere within their department zone] or ‘Out-Sourced’ [ Hiring an Employee on a temporary basis].

Through hot-desking managers are given the opportunity to keep track of all employee levels and allocate them accordingly, thus minimizing the space which is left unutilized. Hotdesking is not a new trend and should be adapted by everyone. We know that our technology can help you better manage your workplace by correctly implementing hotdesking, thus improving efficiency, cutting costs and improve space utilization.

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