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Onboarding Process for the Space management system

Download XLS file here

Our team will carry out the onboarding process and deliver you a ready-to-use system.

  • The setup process takes up to 10 business days.
  • Users’ training session takes approximately 30 minutes.

For a seamless process, we will require the following files and information: 


Mandatory information

  1. The AutoCAD files (DWG format) of the sites/floors/assets that you wish to view and manage in the P.O.C-system.
  2. A complete Excel file (click to download) with the following information: 

1)      The tenant’s names

2)     companies’ ID

3)     The units’ names/numbers

4)     The units’ sizes as stated in the rental agreements

5)     List of categories/classifications

6)     The termination date of the lease agreement for each tenant

  1. A list of users that need access to the P.O.C-system, including email addresses and type of permissions if needed. 


Additional recommended information:

  1. Layouts/plans with additional information (PDFs)
  2. Indoor layouts of tenants (POC will integrate them into the main plan) 
  3. Photos of the units

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