P.O.C's Booking Application Solution

POC’s booking solution aims to assist businesses in optimizing their office space and adapt to a more flexible way of working, by allowing employees to book their seats on a use per need basis, anytime and anywhere all on one mobile application.

Main Features & Benefits

POC’s user-friendly scheduling application enables employees to book or cancel seats and helps create a dynamic floorplan. When workspaces consist of hot desks, it is important to enable employees to plan ahead, for effective space management. Employees can book seats and meeting room on a use-per-need basis in real-time and on the go. This application helps employees save valuable time, by focusing on what they have to do, rather than having to hunt down where to do it.
Time Effective - Bookings can be made on-the-go
Cost effective - Desks are booked on a use per need basis
Creates a Dynamic Floor-plan - Via one mobile application
  • Space Management Solution

    Managing commercial space inventory is no easy task, especially if you rely on traditional methods. Interpreting complex spreadsheets and multiple drawings is time-consuming and difficult. P.O.C’s unique graphical software is designed to make things easier. It’s dynamic, interactive interface gives you a visual view of the entire space inventory, no matter how large it is.


    • Complete independence

    • Improved Space Utilisation

    • A valuable marketing tool

    • Cost effective

    • Easy to use system

    • Immediate Implementation

  • Seating Allocation Solution+Booking App

    Seating plans matter. Efficient arrangements are proven to improve employee’s productivity and add to the bottom line. Our unique seating allocation platform gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of your work space. Versatile tools allow you to design a seating plan that meets the employee’s needs and maximizes use.


    • Floor plans visualization

    • Improved Space Utilization

    • Seating plan simulations

    • Cost effective

    • No long-term commitment

    • Easy to use

Maximize your space

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