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“One of the main advantages offered by POC’s solution, is that it is entirely web based. Meaning it can be accessed everywhere and anytime. “

“There are many tools which the system offers making it both cost and time effective. It is easy to use and setup with a super easy on boarding process. The graphical platform makes it easy for almost anyone to understand how to use it. Something that was great about the platform is that no prior knowledge was needed, all it takes to get started is a short training session, which is received by POC’s team.”

Asaf Shir, COO, Melisron

“Finally we are able to manage and measure our office space utilization”

“We have been using the software for a couple of years, finally we are able to manage and measure our office space utilization. The graphic demonstration of the spaces and seats is great. you can easily find vacant spaces to locate new employees. The software provides a good way to measure the usage % of each group / division / department/ business unit and allows the finance/management make loading calculations. The service team is very responsive and willing to help with every request. We are in better control of the office space and as a flexible organization we have a tool that enables finding space solutions in real time”

Bynet data Communication

“Great look at our work-space utilization”

“I’ve been working with P.O.C for 2 years and my overall experience is very good—It gives us a great look at the space utilization—both for facility mangers and for admins. We are able to get fast reports for all the employees in our buildings.”

Avivit Benyishay, Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP

“A great tool for planning ahead and optimizing”

“P.O.C System is so easy to use, I can plan ahead any time I need to change seating arrangements. In addition, the service is very good—I get answers whenever I reach out—and that’s exactly what I need.”

Noa Zafrir, Director of Facilities Operations & Welfare, eToro

“P.O.C Space management system is easy to use, no need for prior knowledge.”

“It gives you the option to send instant drawing to your customers with no need to rely on your busy architect, merge and split polygons instantly. Very cost effective.”

Amot Real Estate

“I would absolutely recommend adding P.O.C graphical system to any commercial real estate company.”

“We have digitalized many of our office buildings in Tel Aviv with POC System, it is an absolute MUST to all real estate companies for management and marketing purposes. I would absolutely recommend adding POC graphical system to any real estate company.”

Zohar Levy, CEO, Ampa Real Estate Ltd