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Seating Allocation &
Booking App Solution

Seating plans matter & efficient seating arrangements are proven to improve employee's productivity.

Our offer

Our unique seating allocation software gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of your workspace, with versatile tools which allow you to design seating plans that meet employee's needs and maximizes use.

Our offer

A SaaS space solution that provides an overview of
your commercial real estate assets and floor space.

No need for AutoCAD or drafting skills when using the platform’s versatile editing tools: create and run simulations, divide areas-or merge them, to optimize the use of space.

Capture empty assets and act to increase efficiencies. Integrate space data with floor plans visualization- for smarter space management.

Enabling you to identify all areas to be marketed and provide real-time, quality solutions for any customer’s need.

Manage your entire space inventory data in one platform, and eliminate manual procedures.

100% SaaS platform with intuitive features and interface. All upgrades, technical support and hosting are included

Once your data is assimilated you can be up and running in days, with no limitation on number of users.

Features Include

Reporting & Analytics

Allow you to analyze and make informed business decisions based on authentic data. Based on your own user-defined reporting metrics, you can extract the information you need whenever you want it.

Digital Archive

Embed and structure your existing space inventory data -in one platform. Treat your CRE as ‘breathing space’, rather than a series of static documents.

Dynamic interface

Watch your floor plans spring to life in colors, and divide inventory according to types, such as vacant areas, common areas, parking lots and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Eliminates the need to outsource daily tasks to an AutoCAD expert. P.O.C’s software is your ‘go-to’ management tool, enabling you to capture empty assets, divide areas in various ways – or merge them, for smarter space planning.

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