Designed to help you manage & optimize space

Integrates floor plan visualization with data- for smarter space management

Space is dynamic and constantly changing, and the need for technology to streamline the workflow is growing. P.O.C System developed a unique graphical software, for managing and optimizing commercial real estate and workspaces. Via one clear and interactive interface, you gain a detailed understanding of how you’re currently using space - so you can analyze, plan and optimize. Our platform is entirely web-based, easy to set up and user-friendly, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Achieve smarter outcomes for every Sq. meter of your space while reducing costs and simplifying business processes.
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Real-time view of space utilization
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Dynamic and user friendly
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Graphical visualization
  • Space Management Solution

    Managing commercial space inventory is no easy task, especially if you rely on traditional methods. Interpreting complex spreadsheets and multiple drawings is time-consuming and difficult. P.O.C’s unique graphical software is designed to make things easier. It’s dynamic, interactive interface gives you a visual view of the entire space inventory, no matter how large it is.


    • Complete independence

    • Improved Space Utilisation

    • A valuable marketing tool

    • Cost effective

    • Easy to use system

    • Immediate Implementation

  • Seating Allocation Solution+Booking App

    Seating plans matter. Efficient arrangements are proven to improve employee’s productivity and add to the bottom line. Our unique seating allocation platform gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of your work space. Versatile tools allow you to design a seating plan that meets the employee’s needs and maximizes use.


    • Floor plans visualization

    • Improved Space Utilization

    • Seating plan simulations

    • Cost effective

    • No long-term commitment

    • Easy to use

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