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Office Space
Management Software

Our solution

Our tailor-made, cloud-based office space management and seating allocation software solution provides facility managers, HR managers, office administrators, and CFOs a real-time view of their workspace and the ability to customize office arrangements on the go.

Custom seating plans that maximize employee productivity

A user-friendly application that allows instant booking of desks and meeting rooms

Real-time updates that provide an instant picture of seating and scheduling

Save time

Save valuable time with a plug-and-play SaaS platform that manages your complex office arrangements and gives you the flexibility to modify the plans on a moment’s notice. What could be easier?

Management solution

This SaaS solution is an ideal tool to manage today’s hybrid working model that provides an all-in-one package for space management solutions. ​

Start using POC Systems’ office space planning software in a couple of days.

Provide your office’s AutoCAD files (DWG format) for all the areas you want to manage.

Populate the system with your employees, teams, workstations, and office numbers.

Choose who can access the system and we’ll give a free 20-minutes training to master our intuitive workplace management software.