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Seating Allocation & Booking App Solution

Seating plans matter & efficient seating arrangements are proven to improve employee's productivity. Our unique seating allocation software gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of your workspace, with versatile tools which allow you to design seating plans that meet employee's needs and maximizes use. Our solution also includes a user-friendly scheduling application that enables employees to book seats & meeting rooms on a use per need basis, in real time and on the go.

your benefits

Using P.O.C Seating Allocation System

  • Floor plans visualization

    Gain a dynamic, visual view of the work space, seating arrangements & objects locations

  • Improved Space Utilization

    Capture empty seats and make better use of vacant workstations

  • Seating plan simulations

    Test out different seating arrangements and scenarios before committing to a major change

  • Cost effective

     P.O.C Is a SaaS platform that will save you valuable time and eliminate manual procedures

  • No long-term commitment

    You’re not tied into a lengthy contract

  • Easy to use

    System with intuitive features. No installation, only 15 minutes online training and you’re a pro!

“Finally we are able to manage and measure our office space utilization”

“We have been using the software for a couple of years, finally we are able to manage and measure our office space utilization. 
The graphic demonstration of the spaces and seats is great. you can easily find vacant spaces to locate new employees. 
The software provides a good way to measure the usage % of each group / division / department/ business unit and allows the finance/management make loading calculations. 
The service team is very responsive and willing to help with every request.
We are in better control of the office space and as a flexible organization we have a tool that enables finding space solutions in real time”

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“Great look at our work-space utilization”

“I’ve been working with P.O.C for 2 years and my overall experience is very good – It gives us a great look at the space utilization- both for facility mangers and for admins. We are able to get fast reports for all the employees in our buildings.”

Avivit Benyishay, Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP

Features Include

  • Move management

    The workplace is as busy as a beehive and playing ‘musical chairs’ has become a daily chore. Our platform’s “drag and drop” tools can help you quickly organize everything from everyday office moves – to complete relocations. 

  • Dynamic interface

    Gone are the days of preparing endless spreadsheets and presentations to manage seating arrangements. A clear, user-friendly interface enables you to visualize your entire workspace, no matter how large or complex.

  • Simulate seating arrangements

    The platform enables you to create and try out various scenarios before commiting to a major change- thereby avoiding costly mistakes and any cases of ‘back to the drawing board’.

  • Analytics and reporting

    Allow you to access real-time insights to drive decision-making. Create customized reports and generate automatic email alerts to help you plan and forecast. View the performance dashboard for a detailed look at the space utilization status and occupancy data.

  • SaaS platform

    We host the software, so you can log on from any web browser and gain direct access. An online chat is available so feel free to ask any question you may have.

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