Booking Application: How Technology Can Improve a New Way of Working.

Remote work isn’t something that appeared in our lives only during the pandemic. A survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit in London already in 2014 found that 34% said more than half of their company’s full-time workforce would be working remotely by 2020. A full 25% said more than three-quarters would not work in a traditional office by 2020.

The same time working only from home isn’t a solution. People still want to engage with colleagues in person. It’s why 50% prefer to go into the office. A workplace will shift away from a place where people simply go to work, and into a place where people want to meet, socialize, and work with each other. 

In this situation to stay flexible and effectively use office desks may be tricky, but there is a solution. How could employers reduce the company’s operating costs when implementing intelligent engineering systems? 

Booking solution

Today the economic situation and an additional factor of complexity in the form of a pandemic stimulate companies to look for new models for organizing the work process and rational use of their resources. Business models are being reassessed and people’s needs are changing. New technologies emerge as a result of analyzing these changes in order to offer better solutions and better services. The Booking solution to book hot desks in your office is a radically new approach to the operation and workspace management.

Why does it work?

KRC Research conducted the survey for Staples Business Advantage. This study obtained data from more than a thousand office employees in the US and Canada.

The survey results show that office workers often prefer to work outside the office. Thanks to innovative technologies, they are no longer tied to their desktops in the office. On the other hand, only 29% of workplaces offer flexible seating, but 70% of those who do say it improves their efficiency and fosters a more stable relationship with their employer. 

Those critical management issues need to be considered when providing a responsive and effective humansupport service to underpin a wide variety of transient work patterns, 

undertaken at different venues and at dispersed locations. In the future, facilities management may need tomove nearer to the core of an organization’s business in order to support the “free-style” deployment of itshuman resources to working practices that are increasing space and time flexibility.

Benefits of such a booking solution 

1) Cost reduction

Organizations are increasingly looking to improve the efficiency of workspace and office equipment, because of the potential cost savings for projects This creates a demand for technology that can do this. In addition, the need to maintain social distance increases the demand for technologies that allow you to monitor the implementation of these conditions remotely. 

2) Effective usage of workspace 

In the situation when employees are working partly from home and partly from an office, the solution that helps easier managing commercial space inventory is real salvation. You can see all your workstations on your phone in real-time and schedule its future usage as long as you need it.

3) Agility

Hybrid workstations may provide a valuable addition for workflows with extended interactive and responsive capabilities. Their ability to associate all information together will assist you in the progress of your work. CFO and HR would be able to analyze large amounts of data to make the right decisions to improve the efficiency and ergonomics of the workflow. Also, 71% of employees declare that the ability to work in different workplaces in the office – so-called agility seating, or “hot desking” – improves their connection with an employer.

4) Flexibility 

Employees are able to manage their seats on their own making the workload for facility managers drastically decrease. The Booking Solution helps businesses of all sizes follow the latest workplace trends so businesses can stay relevant and keep employees satisfied, efficient, and motivated.

The market needs both efficient technologies for workspace management and new formats of its management. POC Booking will help managers accurately predict how many workers would need desks on average per day and see trends in office space occupancy over longer periods. This way you can figure out how many permanent desks you can convert to hot desks, saving space and reducing rent cost. 

For more information, head to out website & request a free demo.

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