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Office Seating Management Solutions Tailored for Your Organization’s DNA

Flexible, tailored office management tools are paramount to thriving as a business in these times, as following the shock of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the rapid and widespread adoption of hybrid work, and the Great Resignation, the business world has not settled yet on a single seating model, and conditions remain unstable.

The workspace of the second decade of the 21st century is remarkably changeable. External and internal factors alike contribute to this reality. Currently, the most obvious external factor which comes to mind is, naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, as various parts of the world intermittently experience outbreaks followed by calmer periods. This dynamic has caused remote work and hybrid office models to become the new norm, but overseeing a dynamic workspace with permanent, hybrid, and “hot” desks presents its challenges. Trends of local and global markets, authorities’ rulings, and social movements (notably the Great Resignation) are other external factors that influence the workspace.

However, it is essential to consider the internal factors as well. No two organizations are alike: companies differ in their constitution, they employ people of various specializations, and face different challenges, even in the same industry. Corporate culture, social capital, specific goals, unique products and services, even distinct sets of values all compose an organization’s distinctive DNA. In terms of the premises’ design, this means that unlike in the past, every company needs a custom-made office plan, as well as the freedom to modify it to respond to the circumstances. Today more than ever, one must recognize the fact that an adequate structure of the offices is a vital condition for spirit at work and successful operations.

Carefully listening to our customers’ desires and opinions, we understand that to offer the most comprehensive workplace seating management solutions, we must provide a maximally flexible platform, which can be tailored to an organization’s particular needs and requests.

Specifically, POC Systems’ seating allocation solution can be adapted to organizations of any structure and size. It converts existing plans of the premises into a cloud-based application with an intuitive graphic interface, eliminating the need to outsource every single arrangement adjustment. This is the first level of adaptivity that the system provides.

Secondly, it allows employers to seamlessly manage the office space on their own: gain insights about actual patterns of office use, and accordingly define the best strategy, editing the seating arrangement in real-time, converting hot desks into hybrid or permanent ones, and vice versa, as required. This grants employers the autonomy and control they need in their daily tasks.

The third level of flexibility provided by the seating allocation software concerns individual workers directly. Employees will appreciate the application’s effectiveness and convenience of use: each employee is assigned a personal account, letting users book workstations beforehand on the map of the premises. The system takes into consideration every person’s role: those who need a specific workstation every time they come to the office are guaranteed to have it, just as those whose work requires them to be mobile and book different desks around the premises. Managing a busy schedule becomes simpler, and the knowledge that one’s workstation is already reserved in the preferred location instills confidence and peace of mind. Thus, the seating allocation solution is a versatile tool, purpose-built to support various seating models in businesses of any type, be it a start-up company that needs to manage a single area containing hot desks only, or a multinational corporation running large facilities.

We are witnessing an ongoing substantial transformation of the employment world in the wake of global events, such as the novel coronavirus pandemic, financial markets’ instability, and even political changes. These will inevitably dictate unpredictable conditions until a more stable seating model emerges in the future. In these circumstances, managing a prospering business is challenging on its own. Relying on smart seating allocation software, which can accommodate any requested seating format, eliminates the hassle of traditional office management, and helps establish corporate resilience.

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