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What are the implications of high occupancy rates on employee performance?

Asked a year ago

Hello, we're planning to hire 20 more people in our gaming company. And since our office spaces are pretty small, we're concerned about the potential implications of high occupancy rates on our employees. Does anyone have any advice on how to better adapt to these changes and what percentage is desirable for occupancy rate? Thank you.

Jerimiah Horton

Friday, March 31, 2023

It's important to recognize that high occupancy rates can have a significant impact on employee performance. To ensure employee productivity, research suggests that a maximum occupancy rate of 65-70% is ideal. The key is to create a comfortable working environment that isn't overcrowded and has plenty of space for team collaboration. Additionally, it's wise to provide employees with access to multiple amenities and spaces, such as break rooms, relaxation areas, and other common spaces. By doing this, your team will be better equipped to stay focused and productive in their work tasks and goals.

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