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A CRE Management Solution that Creates Flexible Space Models

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you’re managing commercial space inventory, it can be worth so much more than that. Commercial space is challenging to manage, especially if you’re stuck using traditional, outdated methods. 

When overseeing hundreds of thousands of square feet, the ability to analyze important aspects of spaces is crucial. A graphic web-based solution that gives you a streamlined and user-friendly way to visually oversee spaces would be ideal and the cloud-technology has advanced to deliver this option. 

Imagine hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial property currently locked in cumbersome AutoCAD files being magically transformed into a visually dynamic useful workspace. That’s just what a web-based CRE management system can offer. 

The result? Easy-to-access tools to better understand and utilize your commercial real estate, turning it into flexible space that you can then fully utilize. 

Up until now, managing commercial space inventory had been disjointed and time-consuming, most often tied to office computers and in-house files. But new innovations in CRE management change all of that with a dynamic, web-based, interactive interface that provides every user with a visual view of their entire space inventory. 

Make Your CRE More Useful

With all relevant information now in one space thanks to web-based management tools, your commercial inventory becomes living/breathing spaces rather than just a series of numbers. Here’s just a few ways an online system goes beyond traditional management systems:

  • Offers you the ability to run simulations so you can visually see the results of removing internal walls, combining spaces, or dividing and splitting space
  • Provides the opportunity to create presentations directly from these simulations 
  • User-friendly organizational tools give you easy-access to all related property information and documents like photos and spreadsheets. Files are stored right within the visual mapping system, so just a click on a space reveals pertinent information related to it. 
  • Divide inventory by type. For example, easily delineate vacant versus occupied areas or denote retail, utility, and parking spaces. Custom options allow you to organize based on your specific needs.
  • A search function allows you to quickly retrieve information by search parameters such as tenant name, unit name, or usage. 
  • Easily produce floor plans for rental agreements and oversight or generate reports based on plans.

Enjoy More Independence

A web-based management solution allows you to break away from clunky AutoCAD files. With the platform’s versatile editing tools, you can run simulations without needing specialized drafting skills. With easier access to simulations, you can try out new configurations without investing all the time and staffing resources it typically demands. Divide areas, merge them, take out interior walls and find the best ways to optimize your use of space — all with just a few clicks within your browser.     

A 100% SaaS platform and fully web-based, means you can access your commercial inventory spaces from any location. This can become especially convenient for remote workers or managers that travel between locations. And unlike complicated software, web-based CRE management doesn’t require additional training and is designed to be intuitively user-friendly. In fact, once your data is assimilated into the system, you can be up and running in days. There’s no limit to the number of users, so you’re 100% in control of your team’s usage.

Store Data Safely and Securely

It’s essential to choose an online software solution that ensures data is stored safely and securely. This includes using two separate servers with data mirroring, automatic logs of all activity changes and entries, and automatic backup on separate servers, allowing 24/7 control and monitoring. From a security standpoint, the web-server based platform should use SSL Certification, a 256-bit key encryption with a TLS 1.2 secure connection. The information transferred between the systems is encrypted using SSL to avoid information leakage and look for Firewall and Antivirus monitoring and testing provided 24/7. 

It’s also important to have all upgrades, technical support, and hosting included in your software package. Especially important to note is that the system works with other CRM and PRC systems. Since there’s no software and everything is web-based, all you need is a browser and internet connection to use the system, anytime, from anywhere. 

Improve CRE ROI

While visually-appealing graphics and better organization are nice perks of a web-based management solution, the real benefits can be found in the ways the SaaS can help increase revenue and outcomes. See improved space utilization by gaining the ability to capture empty assets and adapt spaces to become more efficient. A smart space management tool allows you to create floor plan visualization models. This leads to better marketing and the ability to show potential clients’ proposed plans. 

Save Time & Money

A new inventory management system should not only open up opportunities for revenue growth, but also provide cost effective strategies. By managing your entire space inventory on one platform, you can avoid the manual procedures that take time and resources. Offering the ability to digitally archive, reporting and analytics, which typically would involve the need for multiple steps and team members, can now be done on a single platform. Pull data any time you need and remove the procrastination of sifting through many types of files. This allows for easier analysis and informed business decisions.

The success of your commercial real estate is directly tied to your ability to analyze important aspects of your space inventory and proactively optimize it. POC System’s Space Management Solution’s unique graphical software features all of the above listed essentials. It helps you to streamline your commercial space management and turn your CRE into flexible spaces that you can virtually alter and collect data on without the need for clunky office-based software and drafting skills. 

Space Management Solution turns numbers and blueprints into living, breathing images that make inventory management easier and more effective. Any CRE manager already knows the challenges they face trying to maintain control and insight over many thousands of square feet. Space Management Solution is designed to put managers back in control of their inventory, allowing them the tools to easier and more efficiently make better, more informed decisions and creative solutions with their commercial real estate spaces.

Maximize your space

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