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Discover the Benefits of POC Systems: 5 Key Insights You’ll Gain from Implementing POC in Your Office

How many empty desks do you have in the office?

Are you still relying on Excel files and printed office plans for office management? It’s time to upgrade to a digital solution! By creating a digital twin of your office space, routine office space management becomes a breeze. With just a quick look, you can see the distribution of empty desks throughout the office.

What is the occupancy rate of the office?

Our user-friendly dashboards make it easy to track the occupancy rate of your office. On average, 15% of employees are absent at any given time for various reasons such as vacation, illness, maternity leave, or business trips. By utilizing advanced tools and an app that allows employees to book their own desks, we can optimize the workspace and minimize the costs associated with absenteeism.

Quickly locate each employee’s workstation

People with admin permissions (HR, facility managers, office managers, etc.) won’t have to call asking, “where is your desk?” All they need to do is type their colleagues’ names into the search bar, and their desks will show up on the office map immediately. 

How many times per week should employees visit the hybrid office?

To determine the optimal number of days per week for employees to visit the office, you need to consider the number of permanent workstations, the number of hot desks and hybrid workstations, the differences between the departments, and a few other parameters. With the POC Booking App, everything is made clear and simple.

Automatically updating crucial information by synchronizing with HR systems

No need to manually update information in multiple systems – our solution seamlessly fetches all necessary information from HR systems such as HiBob, ensuring that updates for new employees, departures, and maternity leaves are automatically reflected in the office management system.


Maximize your space

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