This is a globally encouraging trend, where employees are returning to offices.

We’re seeing a significant trend of employees returning to offices. This is a globally encouraging trend (even in countries, which is delayed due to the issue of limited vaccinations). We see this trend through an increasingly high number of requests from companies seeking solutions like our Seating Allocation System and the Employees Office Booking app that we recently launched.

Companies report that something has been lost when employees were On the other side, employees also express an interest in returning to the office, in an attempt to separate between their personal and professional life, meet colleagues etc.

Returning to the office in a hybrid model will probably require much attention from facility managers, administrators and HR managers, since there are currently different challenges than there were in the past. Office space optimization and utilization aspects have become a more significant element. If a significant percentage of the office space is underutilized, therefore companies understand that a new model that combines permanent offices with hot desks will need to be adopted. Flexibility is needed and the concern is how to manage it effectively – POC’s solutions for office space and seating management can answer this need.

On the other hand, Office building owners are already being expected to provide flexible solutions for their tenants, in the form of Private Hubs, Quiet Zones, external meeting rooms, hot desks with close proximity to the main office, this is where our space management solutions for office building owners meets their needs.

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