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What will your office space look like post COVID

Many offices have begun to think of a ‘re-entry’ plan post COVID-19?

Some were ready and some were slightly left unprepared but either way, in the upcoming months office space, planning and design will need to change. There are new social distancing guidelines which focus on the safety and health of employees. When planning for re-entry into the offices, office space will need to shift accordingly toward these guidelines.

Many offices will be challenged by all these changes, employees will not work as they did before. There will be many employees that will not return to the office, some will be let go, some will work remotely, and some will work in shift to ensure their safety.

Three main Steps to consider when managing your office Post COVID-19.

There will be many obstacles which needs to be addressed such as the seating of all employees and the office design. In order to prepare for the months which are to come, get a head start and start your planning now. The only way we can start planning ahead is start by analyzing all the information we have available to us now.

1. Employee Safety

It is clear that the safety of all employees is top priority. The COVID-19 outbreak cannot be pushed under the rug and facility managers need to deal with this new reality, facility managers will need to find solutions to new office designs and rethink seating arrangements in order to ensure employees are safe. This can be done either by, rearranging the workstations so that each employee sits the correct amount of space apart, employees which don’t need to be in the office can work remotely and some can do shifts. These new arrangements also have benefits. One of them being cost benefit since the less space needed, the more money saved if done correctly of course. This can be done with space management and seating allocation software to help you manage your office space correctly.

2. Understand how much Space you have to work with and what you would like to do with it.

Understanding your office space is really important to effectively plan for new arrangements. How much of the office will be private offices, workstations or meeting rooms? You may even have to consider adding or removing some of them or even using up some of the common area you have.

There is no reason to be alarmed by all of this since there are many solutions. One of which is hot desking. Since employees may have to work in shifts this could mean employees will no longer have their own desk and in order to ensure employees sit the correct distance apart, employees will need to share their desks and offices.

3. Workspace Culture

Every workspace has their own culture. This culture may be interrupted and changed post COVID-19. Many employees will need to adapt to the new culture, and this can be challenging.

As a manager it is important to analyze the culture of your workspace and see what is important to your employees so that when cultural changes are made your employees are still left feeling happy, safe and welcome.

The Benefits of Space Management Software

Since COVID-19 is not yet in the past and is still present we do not yet know how or when we will be getting back to the office. However, what is left for you to do is plan for when this does happen, and employees return to the office.

Space management and Seating allocation software has many benefits which can be offered to help adjust to what is to come post COVID-19:

1.      Floor plans visualization: Gain a dynamic, visual view of the workspace, seating arrangements & objects locations.

2.      Cost effective: save you valuable time and eliminate manual procedures.

3.      Improved Space Utilization: Capture empty seats and make better use of vacant workstation.

4.      Analytics and reporting: Allow you to access real-time insights to drive decision-making. Create customized reports and generate automatic email alerts to help you plan and forecast. 

Space management software will help you analyze your workspace and the number of employees you have. Space is dynamic and constantly changing, and the need for technology to streamline the workflow is  growing.

P.O.C System developed a unique graphical software, for managing and optimizing commercial real estate and workspaces, you gain a detailed understanding of how you’re currently using space – so you can analyze, plan and optimize. Our platform is entirely web-based, easy to set up and user-friendly, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Achieve smarter outcomes for every Sq. meter of your space while reducing costs and simplifying business processes.

For more information, head to our website or request a FREE demo

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