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What is a good level of noise in an office space?

Asked a year ago

I’m trying to establish a comfortable and productive working environment for our employees, and I'm wondering what is considered a good level of noise in an office space. Some areas of our building are noisier than others, and I'm not sure if the noise levels are within the acceptable range. I want to ensure that our employees are not exposed to excessive noise levels that could lead to health issues or decreased productivity. Thanks.

Lonnie Barron

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Noise can have an adverse impact on employee productivity.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, anything louder than 85 db is too much for employees to be exposed to for 8 hours daily. Sound levels in most offices are, on average, in the 45-60 dB range. Anything above can interfere with internal communication and the thought processes of employees.

In loud offices, it’s essential to consider the installation of soundproofing systems, such as acoustic panels, carpets, or plush furniture. POC Systems can help incorporate space utilization measures that help you include more soundproof spaces.

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