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How to handle the allocation of office space to different departments?

Asked 3 months ago

Hello, I want to make sure our office space is allocated fairly and efficiently, and that each team has the resources and amenities they need to do their best work. How do I conduct a space utilization study to determine how much space each department or team currently occupies and then how to efficiently allocate it? I appreciate your help!

Cesar Miranda

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

There are some factors you can take into account when measuring space utilization.

First, calculate how many employees use a space versus how many can use that space. For instance, if a room with an occupancy of 20 people is consistently used only by 2, the space is underutilized.

Then, calculate your average space cost per person. This will give you concrete data on inefficiencies in space allocation. Lastly, use this information to prioritize departments that require more space or higher levels of interaction.

If you need help developing flexible workspaces, check out the space inventory and management capabilities of POC Systems.

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