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How do you measure the success of a hybrid work model?

Asked a year ago

Hello. How can we measure the success of our hybrid work model and evaluate its effectiveness? It's important that we're able to track and analyze data to make decisions and adjust our approach as needed. I'll also need advice on how to measure the impact of a hybrid work model on our company's financial performance, like tracking cost savings associated with reduced office space, etc. Thanks.

Lindsey Montgomery

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Here are some steps you can take to track a hybrid work model’s success:

  • Calculate the employee retention rate: Find out how many employees stick around after the model is implemented. Additionally, how many are satisfied with the change?
  • Understand office utilization: Using data from the POC booking application, find out how many employees regularly come into work and the reasons behind this figure.
  • Track meeting metrics: Measure how many employees actively participate in hybrid or virtual meetings.
  • Conduct surveys: Ask employees how they feel about co-worker collaboration, organizational trust, and the tools they are offered.

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