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What Is an Agile Work Environment? Understanding the Basics

Agile work environments can change the way you think about your workplace. Learn what an agile workspace is and how you can implement it in your company.

Marcel Deer - Writer for POC System
By Marcel Deer
Michelle Meyer - Editor for POC System
Edited by Michelle Meyer

Updated January 24, 2023.

For many, the idea of an agile work environment might seem foreign. But in fact, it's something that many organizations are moving toward. The agile approach to business has been proven to increase efficiency and productivity in large and small companies. Keep reading to learn about the agile work environment, its features, and how you can use it to configure your own workplace.

Agile work environments are synonymous with flexibility. The company provides different workspaces, each with specific resources. Employees are encouraged to move freely between them and use the spaces best suited to their objective at that time. The purpose is to increase the quality and quantity of work done.

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Characteristics of an Agile Work Environment

  • Accessible Agile work environments are built on the principles of collaboration and communication. The space should have no barriers and encourage seamless movement, both physically and by sharing ideas and opinions.
  • Comfortable An agile office utilizes available space efficiently and ensures employees are comfortable. If a space is set up uncomfortably, employees waste time adjusting to it and may even eventually not use the room at all, thereby wasting resources.
  • Easily adaptable Agile spaces need to give your employees the freedom to do their best work. This includes the flexibility to adapt to employee needs every time they change. In the long term, agile environments can help to attract and retain talent in the organization.
  • Conducive Finally, as the goal of an agile environment is increased productivity, employees must be able to focus in the workspace. Therefore, distractions and interruptions must be minimized.

Get an Agile Start With POC System

The biggest value of agile working is it improves space efficiency, thereby eventually reducing costs and improving productivity. Partnering with a solution like POC System will provide you with the office space management tools to effectively implement an agile work environment suited to your company.

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