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7 Key Elements to Create a Safe & Comfortable Workspace

Creating a safe workplace for your employees is not only important for them, but also for the well-being of the business. Read to learn how to implement this.

Filip Dimkovski - Writer for POC System
By Filip Dimkovski
Michelle Meyer - Editor for POC System
Edited by Michelle Meyer

Published January 23, 2023.

It's no secret that employee safety and comfort are at the forefront of every modern business. Yet, many business owners don't spend too much time thinking about this.

The good news is that even the most basic changes can have a huge impact on the overall environment of your workplace. Let's go over 7 key elements I suggest you implement to create a safe and comfortable workspace.

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1. Proper Indoor Air Quality Control

Proper air quality inside the office is crucial to employee health. I've seen how poor air quality can cause a variety of issues: headaches, fatigue, and in rare cases, even respiratory issues. To maintain proper air quality, I regularly check the ventilation system and replace any old filters or air conditioners.

2. Well-Lit Workspaces

It may seem simple, but making sure my workspace is well-lit can have a big impact on the overall productivity of my employees. I always try to have natural light (it's the best for visual comfort), but if that isn't available, I insist on adequate artificial lighting.

3. Active Noise Reduction

Too much noise in the workplace can cause distractions and reduce focus. Consider investing in soundproof walls, modular dividers, or cubicles. I've found this helps to reduce the noise levels in collaborative spaces and makes it easier for employees to concentrate.

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4. Diverse Working Spaces

Creating a workspace with diverse working spaces is essential to keep employees engaged and productive. Once I realized that different employees have different needs, it was easy to provide different types of workspaces: private offices, collaborative areas, and even lounge spaces for employees to work in.

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5. Routine Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a must when it comes to safety. Don't let regular inspections of electrical appliances, HVAC systems, and fire safety equipment fall through the cracks.

6. Ergonomic Equipment & Furniture

Increase comfort with the right furniture and equipment. Since I invested in adjustable chairs, desks, and keyboards, the physical strain on my employees reduced while their productivity and long-term satisfaction increased.

7. Temperature Control

Finally, make sure your workspace has adequate air conditioning and cooling to keep employees comfortable. I've had office setups that were either too cold or too hot—the effect is detrimental to productivity, leading to a lower rate of employee satisfaction.

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Give a Little to Get a Lot

Creating a safe and comfortable workplace is essential for any business. Following the key elements I've outlined here can help ensure your employees are working in a healthy and productive environment.