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How should I plan workspace in a rapidly expanding company?

Asked 4 months ago

Hey, I am the site manager at a research institution. Recently we have taken on a large number of employees and it appears that we will continue to do so. My concern is how to plan and optimise workspace whilst we have such a continuous influx of new employees during this time. Should we look to changing to a hybrid work model and implement a desk sharing policy to counter this? Any help would be appreciated.

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 20, 2023

A hybrid schedule and a desk-sharing scheme, such as hot desking, can help if you have limited workspace and a surge of employees. A hybrid schedule, such as a split-week, can reduce the number of employees present on particular days, thereby consuming fewer desks and using fewer rooms.

A"hot desking" policy will allow different employees to take turns utilizing the same desk. Use the POC booking app to avoid confusion and overcrowding. It's a great way to track who will be on-site and allows employees to reserve desks in advance.

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