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Maximize ROI in Office Real Estate With Smart Space Management

Stacey Lewis - Writer for POC System
By S. Lewis
Michelle Meyer - Editor for POC System
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Updated April 26, 2023.

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Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) is a top priority when it comes to office planning. It's a good way to measure whether you're making the most of your available space, because unused space can prevent you from achieving optimal ROI. Consider that up to 30% of office space is typically unused or underutilized, and the potential this contains.

The good news is that effective space management can help you unlock the full potential of your office real estate and maximize your ROI. By optimizing space usage and implementing smart strategies for workspace design, you can make the most of every square foot and improve your bottom line.

How Smart Space Management Boosts Your ROI

Smart space management is the process of evaluating your space usage and optimizing your office real estate for more cost-effective solutions and better work results.

This can include analyzing metrics such as workspace utilization, employee activity, and energy consumption to gain insights into what does and doesn't work for your office space. Smart space management can involve:

By implementing smart space management practices, businesses can make the most of their office real estate, increase employee productivity, and improve their bottom line.

Waste Fewer Resources

Smart space management can help you use your office real estate in the best way possible to circumvent unnecessary costs. You can identify areas where you're overspending and implement cost-effective solutions.

Example: You can reassign underutilized spaces to different departments or create multi-use spaces to reduce your overall square footage. This will also help to lower energy and maintenance costs.

Identify Areas of Improvement

By using specific metrics to plan and manage office space, you can identify underutilized spaces, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve productivity.

Example: You may notice that a particular department is only using 50% of its designated office space. By analyzing usage data, you can determine whether to downsize the space or reassign it, leading to increased space efficiency and reduced costs.

Additionally, using open office designs can help optimize space and foster collaboration among your employees, leading to increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

Make Informed Decisions

Smart space management can help you make informed business decisions for the future, based on the insights you gain from analyzing your office real estate data. This may lead you to expand or downsize your office space, depending on which would benefit your ROI the most.

Example: Your data reveals that your employees spend a significant amount of time in a particular area of the office, while another area is underutilized. You can revamp the popular space to expand into the underutilized space and completely repurpose it. This increases the efficiency of your overall office space usage and ensures you don't spend money on a space that's not being used.

Optimize ROI and Office Space With an Automated Solution

While smart space management is crucial if you want to maximize ROI and efficiently manage your office space, it can be tricky to implement. Using an automated software solution like POC System can make it much easier to realize your smart space management goals.

  • Comprehensive overview of your commercial real estate assets and floor space
  • Visualize your office space and optimize it based on real-time data
  • Flexible seating allocation platform to try different arrangements
  • Hot desk and meeting room booking app to easily reserve a space

POC System's automated digital solution can help you track necessary metrics, analyze data, and make office space improvements on the fly in an effort to control your expenses and achieve smarter outcomes for every square foot of your space.

POC System: Office Space Management

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Be Smart About Space Management

Achieving a good ROI through office real estate is crucial for any company's financial health. Smart space management is a necessary tool for optimizing the use of office real estate and reducing unnecessary costs, which in turn leads to a boost in ROI. Automated software like POC System is a valuable tool for achieving your smart space management goals. By identifying areas of improvement, reducing wasted resources, and aiding decision-making with accurate data, smart space management can significantly contribute to your bottom line.

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