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What is a good density measure for a gaming company workspace?

Asked a year ago

Hi all. As a gaming company, our employees are highly creative and often need space to move around and collaborate with others. So, we don't want to pack too many people into a small space, because it could have a negative impact. Would anybody be able to suggest a good density measure that allows for collaboration and creativity while still maximizing space usage? Thanks.

Johnny Torres

Monday, April 03, 2023

Simply put, a good density measure for a gaming company should balance the needs for collaboration, creativity, as well as space optimization. One approach is to use a combined calculation of square feet per person (SFPP) and functional zones. We suggest that you aim for an SFPP range that provides enough personal space for employees, which is typically around 125-250 SFPP, depending on your office layout and local standards.

This range should allow for comfortable individual workspaces and designated collaboration areas. Additionally, consider incorporating functional zones, such as open spaces, breakout areas, and quiet zones, which will help you accommodate diverse work styles and potentially encourage creative interactions. Remember, the key to an optimal density measure often varies based on your specific company culture, employee needs, and workspace design.

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