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How to balance the need for collaborative with private workspaces?

Asked a year ago

I own a tech company and I'm interested in exploring how we can balance the need for collaborative workspaces with the need for private workspaces. We know that collaboration is essential for driving innovation and creativity, but we also know that employees need privacy and quiet to focus and do their best work. How can we address the layout of our office space to strike this balance? I would appreciate any advice on this matter, thank you.

Sonny Banks

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Some employees prioritize collaboration; others emphasize privacy. To find the right balance, don’t forget to consider their views.

In terms of layout, use screens to create a sense of separation. This doesn’t have to be a physical wall but could be a desk-mounted screen or even a well-placed plant.

Basic soundproofing measures also give the illusion of privacy. Make sure you separate common areas and meeting rooms from soundproofed zones.

Remember that collaboration goes beyond physical space. Tools like Dropbox or Skype allow for collaboration without compromising privacy.

Use the POC office management system to get a birds-eye perspective of the entire office and effectively balance privacy and collaboration.

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