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What is an acceptable ratio of work and collaboration spaces?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi all, I am the site manager for a medical equipment firm. We are in process of moving to a new office space and therefore have a new opportunity to allocate space across the office. We have a large number of potential buyers and other guests visiting the office on a regular basis and therefore would like to factor that into this layout. What is a ratio of office space to communal and collaborative spaces that works for other companies? TYIA

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 20, 2023

Typically, collaborative workspaces are 70% for teamwork and 30% for private work. This used to be the other way around, but improved communication has made the new arrangement the most productive for collaboration.

In some Fortune 500 companies, open work areas are shared amongst employees, managers, and even directors, while private workspaces are allotted to C-level executives. If you want to foster an atmosphere of openness and trust among your staff, executives can opt for an open cube and then have a dedicated private room for meetings or as needed.

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