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How do I effectively implement an open space layout in an office?

Asked a year ago

We have a small designing firm with a team of 15 employees, and we're currently located in a traditional office with individual offices for each employee, but we want to move to a larger open office layout. Can you provide any suggestions on how to effectively implement an open space layout in our office? I want to make sure to improve on communication and collaboration but also to minimize all potential negative sides.

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Nowadays, open offices are more popular than ever, and your idea to make your office more modern is great for the business. So, let's go over the best practices to implement an open-office layout:

  • Think about your office configuration: Choose between providing dedicated desks for each employee or going with large desks designed for many chairs. This depends on the level of collaboration needed in your office and the type of work your business does.
  • Have dedicated formal and informal areas: A change of scenery is incredibly beneficial for the employees, as it increases productivity and enhances concentration. These spaces should be separate from the office employees spend most of their days in.
  • Put some ground rules: Open offices can be somewhat troublesome when it comes to disruptions and distractions, so make sure to put some ground rules that reduce the noise level and provide a sense of privacy.

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