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Space Utilization Analysis: What It Is & Why It Matters

Different factors influence how you use office space, but your current setup may not be the most efficient. Discover how space utilization analysis can help.

Marcel Deer - Writer for POC System
By Marcel Deer
Michelle Meyer - Editor for POC System
Edited by Michelle Meyer

Updated March 6, 2023.

Space utilization analysis can help you learn how to maximize your existing space. Instead of relying on guesswork, you get the precise data you need to determine how and when different areas are being utilized, e.g., meeting rooms, employee desks, event spaces, small gathering areas, collaborative workspaces, etc.

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What Is Space Utilization Analysis?

Space utilization analysis is a data-driven approach to understanding and managing your workplace. By analyzing key metrics like space usage, occupancy rates, and trends in activity and demand, you can gain valuable insight into how people are using your office space and make future decisions accordingly.

Several factors can impact space utilization, including changes in business needs or demands, shifting employee demographics and preferences, and new technologies influencing work patterns and behaviors.

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What Insights Can You Get From Space Utilization Analysis?

Some of the insights that you can gain with a space utilization analysis include:

  • Volume: The number of people that move through the specified spaces daily.
  • Usage: Which workspaces are being underutilized and possibly wasting resources.
  • Capacity: Which workspaces are regularly over capacity and should be developed.
  • Cost: How much the mismanagement of workspaces cost the company.
  • Real estate: Consider whether renewing your lease, renovating your current space, or looking for completely new real estate is best.

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Optimize Your Space Usage With POC System

Your office space is one of your most valuable resources. If you manage it properly, it will reduce costs and improve employee productivity. Whether you decide to invest in a hybrid working model or an agile work environment, POC System can provide a solution for seamless implementation.

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