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How to overcome some common challenges associated with hot desking?

Asked 6 months ago

My company recently implemented hot desking and I've noticed some common issues popping up. Like finding a desk that suits your needs, not having enough storage space for your personal items, and getting distracted because you're sharing a workspace with different people every day. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced these challenges or has any other issues with hot desking, and if so, how they've overcome them. Thanks for your help!

Alex Yoder

Friday, April 28, 2023

You're not alone! Despite the hype surrounding hot desking, some companies don’t find it the best fit for them. In any case, making adjustments to make employees more comfortable may help with some common issues associated with hot desking.

For example, you can provide lockers or dedicated drawers to each employee for their personal items so they don't need to lug everything back and forth daily. You could also create areas in your office that people can use when they need privacy, such as when they need to focus on a complex task or get on a high-level call.

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