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Smooth Transition: How to Get Employees Back to the Office

Filip Dimkovski - Writer for POC System
By Filip Dimkovski
Nevena Radulović - Editor for POC System
Reviewed by Nevena Radulović

Updated March 6, 2023.

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Since the pandemic, many companies have shifted their operations to a work-from-home/remote work model. Many employees have found this beneficial because of the autonomy, flexibility, and comfort the remote model provides.

According to recent surveys, approximately 61% of employees prefer working from home over the office environment.

On the other hand, some employees want a clearer separation between their work and home life, which is why many of them may be ready to return to the office.

Is Remote Work Ideal For You?

While remote working has its advantages like flexible hours and more autonomy, it can also lead to feelings of isolation and burnout because there are no clear boundaries between personal life and work. To check whether this work model is sustainable for you in the long run, here are some pros and cons:


  • Saves commuting costs and time: It's no secret that employees spend hundreds of hours a year commuting. Eliminating commute can save time and reduce gas or transport costs for your employees.
  • Lower facility costs: Companies that work remotely don't need as much office space, allowing them to reduce the costs associated with maintenance and utilities.
  • Increased autonomy: With remote work, most employees have more control over their schedule and how they work, which is highly beneficial for employee satisfaction.
  • Improved comfort: The ability to work in any setting with limited supervision is one of the main reasons why so many employees enjoy working from home.


  • Decreased socialization: When working from home, many employees miss out on the socialization of an office environment and might feel isolated—in fact, around 25% of remote workers have reported feelings of loneliness.
  • Might lead to less optimal results: Remote working can sometimes lead to reduced employee productivity due to distractions such as family members in the household or house chores.
  • Zoom fatigue: Many employees have also reported feeling "Zoom fatigue", where employees feel tired and anxious due to the high amounts of screen time their remote meetings require.

■ Promote employee happiness with a safe and comfortable workspace

The Hybrid Model Can Be Your Solution

To get the best of both worlds, the hybrid work model combines both on-site and remote work. It draws on the flexibility of working from home and the socialization and structure of a traditional office workplace to create a solution everyone can enjoy.

This allows employees to set their own hours while retaining the benefits of a scheduled presence in the office for team meetings, projects, and collaboration. However, there are many aspects to consider when planning your hybrid working model, and we'll look into some of them below.

■ Get inspired by these hybrid work model examples

Office Layout

An example of a layout tailored for hybrid work is a space that combines the benefits of open-plan offices with some private office features. This allows employees to collaborate in an open environment while offering them privacy when needed. What's more, this can be space-optimal and cost-effective, as there's no need to rent more office space for multiple meeting rooms or private offices.

This layout also helps ensure that all spaces in the workplace environment are used efficiently, giving employees the ability to choose when and how they work—either in the office or from home.

■ Choose between open vs. closed office spaces based on your company culture

Optimal Occupancy

The hybrid work model offers you the ability to maximize office space and resources while providing your employees with more than enough flexibility. With hybrid office working, you can reduce the number of occupants in the office by incorporating hot desking, which eliminates any vacant desks and allows for optimal occupancy. This can help you save on energy bills while still providing your employees with an efficient workspace.

■ Use these tips to determine the right amount of office space per employee

Space Optimization

The hybrid work model also allows for space optimization by eliminating the need to rent additional office space. For the majority of companies, the best way to achieve maximum space utilization is to use automated software like POC System's Space Management Software to better track and manage office occupancy.

POC System_Office Space Management SoftwarePOC System_All-in-One Commercial Property Information SourcePOC System_Manage Permanent Workspace and Hot Desks LayoutPOC System_Analyze Office Space Data
Make Your Ideal Office for Hybrid Working
POC System Office Space Management Software


This useful tool can help you make your hybrid work model an ideal set-up for maximizing efficiency with these features:

  • Custom seating plans for maximum employee productivity
  • Real-time tracking of current seating and office layout
  • Advanced insights into analytics to tailor your space according to your needs
  • Simplified desk and meeting room booking

Ensuring all employees are able to maintain a comfortable work environment, the software lets you create a hybrid work model that strikes the balance between privacy and collaboration.

■ Optimize your space usage with key space utilization metrics

POC System Office Space Management Software

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Transition Back to the Office Smoothly With the Right Help

The hybrid work model is an effective solution for your business to maximize space and resources while providing employees with more flexibility. This type of working environment combines the benefits of remote and office settings, allowing employees to set their own hours while retaining access to collaborative spaces in the workplace.

Automated software like POC System's Space Management Software can further facilitate flexible workplaces and help you make the transition back to the office easier for your employees. With the app's useful features, you can easily achieve the balance between remote work and a structured office environment for the most efficient hybrid work model.

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