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How can I ensure there's enough office space in a flexible hybrid work model?

Asked a year ago

Hello, I'm having a hard time managing our fully flexible hybrid work model in which our employees can choose to come to the office whenever they want to. Since I'm struggling to predict how much office space is going to be needed on a regular basis, is there anyone that can provide me with some strategies or tools for forecasting our space needs and managing utilization? Thank you!

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 13, 2023

If your office space uses assigned seating, it implies that desks aren’t being used while the owner is away. Consider reverse hoteling, which opens up assigned desks to other employees when not in use.

Another option is hot desking. Instead of having assigned desks, workers can simply reserve a seat on the days they plan to come in.

You'll need a few tools and systems to execute these strategies. An office management system like POC can help you easily track, manage, and allocate space. Its booking app will also allow employees to reserve seats at their convenience.

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