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How many users can have access to the cloud server at once?

Asked a year ago

Hey all, I manage in a business which currently is trying to decide on which office space management software we prefer. One of the great appeals with this software is that it is cloud based so it be accessed from anywhere. This is ideal because we have so many employees that we would need multiple managers to control the system. Therefore, my question is how many users can have access to the POC-system could platform at any given time? Thanks for any help in advance

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Saturday, January 28, 2023

The POC solution is perfect for businesses that want cloud-based office management software. Because our system supports many users without limitations, it is excellent for companies with many employees.

However, updates can only be made by the first person to log in. In most cases, we limit each site to no more than three or four "superusers" (not because of the charge, it just helps with order and control). These accounts can be given to your managers.

Conversely, the booking app can be used by as many employees as the company needs.

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