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Best visitor management systems that factor for hot desking?

Asked a year ago

Hey all, I work for a business that uses a hot desking policy. I have seen lately suggestion to implement a visitor management system. This would be preferential as currently our offices have an entrance onto a busy street where anyone could walk in. The main concern is we would like a software that will work with our hot desking policy, only allowing employees into the building that are scheduled or have booked to use a workspace. Does anyone know how to help with this? TYIA

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 20, 2023

POC’s booking app works well in hot desking offices providing meeting rooms, desk booking, and space management in one platform. This way, your office reception has a better overview of who should be at the workspace on any given day and will be able to manage visitors better.

Moreover, other employees can look up who will be at the office on certain days, reducing the need to go to the office when they don’t have a booking. It also encourages them to book first before traveling to work.

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