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What metrics should be provided by office space analytics software?

Asked a year ago

Hello everyone, I'm looking for office space analytics software that can provide me with key metrics to better optimize my office space. Can anybody suggest which essential metrics any office space analytics software should be able to track?

Reese Bullock

Friday, March 31, 2023

Analytics software for office space can be incredibly useful when it comes to optimizing your space. Here are some key metrics that should be provided by the software:

  • Number of visitors over a given period
  • The amount of time spent in different areas of the office
  • The amount of energy used by each piece of equipment in the office
  • The frequency of usage of places such as meeting rooms, common areas, and other communal spaces
  • The number of resources consumed by employee activities, like printing documents
  • The staff members who come into work and leave during different periods (peak and non-peak times)

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