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What are the benefits of office wayfinding?

Asked 3 months ago

I'm a supervisor at a company and I'm thinking about displaying a map at the entrance of the office to help employees navigate around the workspace. However, before making the decision, what other benefits does an office wayfinding system have? How beneficial is office wayfinding?

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Apart from helping employees navigate the workplace easily, wayfinding also helps any visitors you have. Additionally, wayfinding ensures that no one misses meetings because they couldn’t find the room.

The ideal wayfinding signage could also instill company culture or make people feel more welcome in your workplace.

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Office wayfinding has a lot of benefits, including:

  • Modernity: Having an environment of dynamic wayfinding in your office can impress your clients when they visit, as the office will look incredibly modern.
  • Save time: By having everything in your office mapped out, you'll decrease the time your employees waste on finding things, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Accessibility: Visitors and employees will enjoy the benefit of improved accessibility, as long as you provide accurate and accessible directions to the required resources & places in your office.
  • An overall better office experience: Navigating an office can be scary, especially if it's big. However, your signs will lower the visitors' & employees' stress levels, so everything can be found when needed.

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