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How to ensure that our hot desking system is equitable for all employees?

Asked a year ago

Hi! I want to know how to ensure that the hot desking system we're implementing is suitable for all our employees, since everyone has their own needs and preferences that must be taken into account. We want to make sure that the system is fair and inclusive for everyone. Can anyone provide some useful tips and factors that we should look at in order to make this work for everyone? And also some tools and features for managing reservations, scheduling, and accommodations?

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 13, 2023

There are a few things you should prioritize to ensure fairness:

  • Having a written hot desking policy and duties so everyone is on the same page and can refer to it if needed
  • Designating distinct spaces for various tasks (rooms for group collaboration, solo work, or relaxing)
  • Setting a booking system like POC to guarantee that employees always have a place to work, meet, and collaborate
  • Providing a storage space to store personal belongings (lockers)
  • Enforcing a clean desk policy and providing cleaning materials
  • Ensuring that all hardware and software are working properly

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