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What is the proper hot desking etiquette to follow?

Asked a year ago

Hello. I'm a CEO looking to roll out hot desking in the coming months. I want to make sure this is done effectively and boosts collaboration. Does anyone have any tips about what the proper hot desking etiquette is to follow in the office? Thanks in advance.

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Establishing proper etiquette will maintain harmony at work. Begin by advising everyone to refrain from having loud conversations. When regularly done, it's distracting and aggravating.

Next, prevent employees from booking the same desk every day. This keeps people from being too territorial and encourages them to talk to each other and be open to change. No one should overstay, either.

Being courteous is a must. Everyone should clean and tidy their space after use. This means wiping the table, mouse, and keyboard, and removing trash and any personal items.

Finally, users must log out of all applications and software. This way, the next user won't waste time logging out and back in. It also lessens the possibility of information leakage.

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, December 29, 2022

There are definitely some "house rules" you should set when it comes to hot desking. Some of the simplest rules you can lay out include:

  • Make sure the desks are reserved in advance, and that every desk space is planned out. Using a desk-booking solution might be quite beneficial here.
  • Don't forget about the employees' storage. This includes bags, coats, pencils, and laptops.
  • Advocate for hygiene, meaning no food and trash must be left behind after the employees' shifts end.
  • Endorse quiet conversations between employees. Loud conversations can have a negative impact on productivity.

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