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Which equipment is needed for hot desking?

Asked 3 months ago

Hey. I'm a manager of an admin department. I want to set up hot desks for the department employees, but I don't know what equipment I'll need. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Thursday, December 29, 2022

You want to ensure that there is as little downtime as possible, meaning employees shouldn’t waste time setting up or waiting to borrow equipment from IT.

In other words, you need to have your essential hardware—monitors, computer mouses, mousepads, chargers, dongles, docking stations, and power outlets—ready to go.

You'll also need to provide a comfortable chair, preferably one that can be adjusted and gives lumbar support. Since employees will move around often, a central storage solution like personal lockers will also be a good addition.

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Hot desking might sound difficult in theory, but having the essentials will get you miles ahead. So, let's go over them:

  • Ergonomic chairs: These are genuinely essential items when it comes to hot desking where people might need to send for extended periods of time.
  • Standing and sitting desks: While there's no right type of desk to go for, having a mix of both standing and sitting desks will accommodate most of the employees' needs.
  • Monitors: Depending on the type of work your employees do, external displays might be beneficial.
  • Whiteboards: If there's a lot of teamwork going on at your company, having whiteboards can be a great way to make a collaborative environment.

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