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What are some cost effective approaches to making an office space more comfortable?

Asked 4 months ago

Hey, I am a HR manager of a technical support company. In a recent company wide survey, employees suggested that they would prefer the current office to be more comfortable and employee friendly. The issue is we do not have a large amount of budget designated for this. What are some low cost methods which we can use to make the current office more to the employees liking? Any help would be appreciated.

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Saturday, February 04, 2023

Making the office comfortable and pleasant doesn't have to be at all expensive. So, consider the following tips to improve the comfort level of your office for the employees.

  • Find a way to improve air quality.
  • Provide natural light sources.
  • Have ergonomic and adjustable furniture.
  • Add decorative elements.
  • Use soundproofing materials.

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