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What considerations should be made for implementing office kitchen?

Asked a year ago

Hey all, I'm the HR manager of a finance company. Many of our employees have previous complained about there being no communal space in the office. We have recently received budget to allow us to add a communal kitchen space to our office. We have concerns that this may affect workflow in the office negatively but are also aware of the positives that can also come with creating such a communal meeting spot. How would you design a kitchens location in the office if you had complete freedom? What are important factors to take into consideration to maximise employee satisfaction with this addition? TYIA

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 20, 2023

An office kitchen is a great way to give employees a break from their devices. It should be close enough for workers to walk to without wasting time but far enough to encourage exercise.

Consider how many people will use the kitchen, what appliances they want, and what furnishings they need. Most employees will appreciate having a water dispenser, refrigerator, coffee maker, glasses, and utensils.

There should also be tables for cooking, eating, and socializing and long or standing tables for impromptu meetings. Use POC to visualize your kitchen, design its layout and allocate space efficiently.

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