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How do matrix scheduling systems operate?

Asked a year ago

Hey, I am a CFO for a business looking to streamline our office space management this year. I have looked into many options and am impressed at what POC systems has to offer. I just have a question about how this type of matrix scheduling software would work in a larger company. Do all employees have access to the platform to book themselves in? or do they request a workspace to a manager for a certain date and the manager books it? Any help would be appreciated!

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Saturday, February 04, 2023

In the majority of cases, matrix scheduling systems operate using an interactive calendar that allows users to view available workspaces in real time and book them accordingly. All employees will have access to the platform, allowing them to book their own workspace without the need for a manager or administrator.

This type of software functions by monitoring workspace usage and displaying this information on a calendar interface, helping companies to better plan their workplace capacity. It also offers automated alerts and notifications when certain tasks need to be completed or deadlines are approaching. This makes it easier for employees and managers to stay on top of their workspace management tasks.

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