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How do you maintain company culture in a hybrid workplace?

Asked a year ago

Hey all, I work for a furniture sales business as a HR manager. Most of our employees are hybrid and are only at the office 2 to 3 days a week. One of the factors that made our business successful when we started was the strong company culture that was instilled into the employees. How can we continue to maintain this company culture we find so important whilst our employees are working remotely for half the week? Any help would be appreciated

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 20, 2023

Start with leadership. They must embody your company’s values, on-site or virtually, as they are who employees will model themselves after. Reiterate these values with periodic virtual town halls where everyone is present.

However, make sure to leave some room for virtual activities to break up the monotony of online meetings. Virtual happy hours and team lunches can be a great way to strengthen bonds.

Lastly, hold occasional one-on-one meetings with employees to check in with them. Use POC's booking app to find out who will be on-site in advance and organize these gatherings accordingly.

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