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How can I calculate the success of my hot desking system?

Asked a year ago

Hi all, following workspace management advice, my company implemented hot desking around 6 months ago. Anecdotally it seems that implementing this scheme was a success, however, it would be more useful to have quantitative evidence of how our employees. What tools can I use to assess employee satisfaction with this new system? Any help would be appreciated.

Filip Dimkovski

Filip Dimkovski

Saturday, February 04, 2023

There are multiple ways to assess employee satisfaction when it comes to a change like hot desking. Surveys are one of the most common methods used to measure employee satisfaction and can help you gauge how well employees are adapting to the new workspace. You can also track attendance data, such as how often people log in or use their assigned desks, or you can use office activity sensors to monitor desk occupancy.

Additionally, interviews with staff members may be useful in uncovering any issues they are facing with the system. All of these tools will enable you to gather useful insights and make more informed decisions about the effectiveness of your hot desking system.

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