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How can I calculate cost per head/seat for an office space?

Asked a year ago

Hello. I work in the operations department of a marketing company, and I've noticed that a large portion of the company's budget goes toward furniture and decor in the office. So, I'm looking for ways to reduce these costs. I've heard that an effective way to do this is first to calculate the cost per head/seat for an office space. Does anyone know how to calculate this metric? Thanks in advance.

Aarav Levine

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Calculating the total cost per head in an office space goes a bit deeper than most metrics. Essentially, you have to calculate all of the office-related expenses, including costs related to the building, repairs, maintenance, insurance, furniture, lease payments, equipment, etc. Then, you need to divide this number by the total amount of employees to calculate the cost per head in an office.

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