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How do I calculate mobility ratio for an office space?

Asked 5 months ago

Hi there. I manage an IT team at a company where most of the team members work remotely. However, since many of the team members are looking to start working from the office a few times a week, I need to ensure that there are enough seats for everyone. I have heard that calculating the mobility ratio is good for this purpose. Any insights into how to calculate this?

Aaliyah Dawson

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The mobility ratio of an office can be calculated with this simple equation:

Number of employees / Workplace capacity

An example would be: "number of occupied desks / total number of available desks". If you've got 30 employees and 100 desks, the mobility ratio would be 30%. As you already know, this number is important to ensure that your office space is properly used, improving productivity and efficiency.

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