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How can we organize a split-week work model better?

Asked a year ago

Hello, since we implemented a split-week work model, I've been struggling to organize it effectively, especially the logistics of it, since there are a lot of changes happening on a weekly basis. Can anyone provide guidance on how to better organize a split-week work model, including any tips or best practices for improving efficiency and productivity in this type of arrangement? I would very much appreciate it.

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Friday, January 13, 2023

First, establish a clear and tight policy to help employees understand their responsibilities, proper processes, and who is authorized to work remotely on which days. Put it in writing so that employees can consult it as needed.

Next, set up the right tools. Managers and workers can benefit from an employee booking system that allows them to coordinate schedules, check-in and out easily, and on-site reserve days.

Then maximize office space with a desk booking or meeting room booking tool like POC's. This way, employees can check for availability, make reservations, and change or cancel as needed.

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