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How can we transition to hybrid work effectively?

Asked a year ago

Hello everyone. I work in a tech company and I'm exploring how we can effectively transition to a hybrid work model, since we want to offer flexible schedules to attract and retain top talent. So, my question is: how can we make this transition to a hybrid work model faster and are there any tools we can use? Thank you.

Steven Moore

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

To transition into a hybrid work model, first determine what work will be done within the office and what can be done remotely.

Then, use data from operational and space utilization reports, and implement an employee badge system. This will allow you to monitor how and when employees use the office space most.

POC Systems can help improve space use, reorganize departments and floor plans, and configure hot desk arrangements, so your organization can improve work schedules and effectively implement hybrid work.

Additionally, use tools like Slack or Skype to ensure employees can communicate seamlessly from remote environments.

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