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How do you address any security concerns that may arise in a hybrid work model?

Asked a year ago

Hello everyone! I'm starting to get concerned about potential security risks like data breaches associated with a hybrid work model, since so many of our employees work this way. Are there any tools that we can implement that will support security in a hybrid work model? For example, monitoring and managing access to sensitive information, as well as policies and guidelines for using these tools effectively. Thanks!

Elmer Christensen

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Here are some steps you can take to enhance security:

  • Implement systems like VPNs, two-factor authentication, and firewalls
  • Adopt a zero-trust approach: Authenticate, authorize and validate all employees before granting them access to applications
  • Use identity and access management tools to give employees access to only the information they need. Regular access reviews can help determine whether employees still need access to sensitive information
  • Implement policies on password management, data encryption, and data sharing. Also, develop guidelines for the use of tools that access sensitive information

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